Beautycounter is a cosmetic and skincare company dedicated to using safer ingredients that are not harmful to our health banning over 1500 different chemicals. I decided to become a consultant with Beautycounter to offer my clients a way to remove chemicals that are interfering with their health and fitness goals without sacrificing quality and results.

doTERRA essential oils are some of the highest quality essential oils on the market and have provided me a lot of physical and personal benefits such as pain relief, relaxation and improved sleep quality.

Thrive Market is an online health food market offering prices comparable to wholesale without the retail markup. It’s also a great time saver to be able to have goods delivered directly to my door without having to run to multiple different stores to get a lot of my “clean” kitchen staples.

Naboso Technology provides insoles and workout mats designed to increase the stimulation on the bottoms of our feet in order to create better function from the bottom up.

Branch Basics is a household multipurpose cleaner that uses cleaner ingredients that are not harmful to our health.

*Purchasing through the links above will provide me with some form of monetary incentive. I chose to align myself with these companies because I believe in them and want to share how much I love them.

Additional Recommended Products and Websites

Correct Toes - Toe Spacers to encourage an ideal foot position and intrinsic foot muscle strengthening.

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel - The yoga wheel is a wonderful tool to aid in your mobility training.

Environmental Working Group - EWG is a resource to check the safety of your food, drinking water, personal care and household cleaning products.